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In an old carpentry workshop in a traditional Jørpeland steel mill, childhood friends Odd Blikra Egeland and Ørjan Bråtveit Berge used to make guitars worthy of the very highest traditions of the craft. As of 2020 the business has moved to Erfjordgata 8 in Stavanger and is run by Odd purely as a guitar workshop.

From steel mill to steel strings

Anyone who has a serious relationship with guitars knows how much it costs to acquire a Martin or Gibson from the time before guitar building became industrialised, when a guitar was laboriously handcrafted to the very highest standards. Strand Guitars are building guitars like this today. Guitars that are carefully built and tuned in order to get the best sound from the wood, or are customised to the playing style of the individual guitarist.

Please note: the production of new guitars is put on hold!

Standard models




Photo: Tommy Ellingsen

The vintage guitars of the future

Trained and inspired by both German luthiers, and American guitar craftsmen, the work of Odd and Ørjan epitomises both thoroughness and quality. Here there are no cheap shortcuts, just good craftmanship and dedicated guitar expertise. The result is guitars with a superb quality, sound and finish. Strand Guitars make the collectibles of the future. In the meantime, the guitars live in the hands of professional guitarists and hobby guitarists who know how to appreciate the sound and playability of a good guitar.

A number of Norwegian guitarists and songwriters have discovered the quality of the guitars from Strand, and the value of having a guitar maker of international stature in Norway. Lillebjørn Nilsen, Odd Nordstoga, Jan Eggum, Tønes,  Bjørn Klakegg, Terje Winterstø Røtting, Daniel Kvammen and Fay Wildhagen are just some of the artists who have bought guitars from Strand in recent years.

“If you have any coffee left in your cup,

there is nothing wrong with pouring it out on the floor.

It is good for the humidity.”