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All guitars needs maintenance, and a setup should be taken from time to time to keep your guitar in shape and at the highest playing level.

Fret dress and re-fretting

Frets wear out like the tyres on your car. Depending on your style of playing and how much you practise the frets will need either a fret dress or a re-fret. Also if you want to change to a different type of fret wire.

New saddles

Saddles wear out, cracks, needs adjustment and more. I use bone as my preferred material for saddles, it can be a nice upgrade going from plastic to bone, both in tone and durability.

Drying and humidity

Several damages to guitars comes from climatic changes during the seasons, especially the cold and dry winters in Norway can cause problems. Cracks, fretboard shrinkage, fret buzz etc.

Broken guitar neck

Most cracked guitar necks can be fixed, and this is actually a rather normal guitar repair. Some cracks can just be glued together, some need reinforcements and wood replacement.

Pickups and electronics

I carry a wide range of acoustic pickups from LR Baggs and KK Sound in stock. For electric guitar I stock a lot of components like pot-meters, switches and more, and I can get parts quickly from my dealers. I do all kinds of electronic work and soldering.


At the moment I don’t have a spraying booth, but I can do smaller nitro fills of dents and cracks and some shellacking.

Material and parts

I carry a large selection of wood for acoustic guitar building, excellent tonewood of higher grades. I also have a lot of parts in stock for both acoustic and electric guitars: bridges, tuners, fret wire, strings and more.